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Please check my Art Status Stamp by Chibi-Nuffie Please check my Art Status Stamp by Chibi-Nuffie Please check my Art Status Stamp by Chibi-Nuffie
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"Art trades"- NEVER
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Strykeforce2005 cc (2) 100%

SLYMaster58 50%


set 9 (chao finished):
SLYMaster58 (3)
XxPurpleHedgieXx (2)
Garrusboo (2)
orangecheer (3)
HedgeCatDragonix (2)
MellieFox (3)
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Apr 18, 2015
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Apr 18, 2015
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Commissions are open (points/cash)

Sun Apr 12, 2015, 9:49 PM
  • Mood: Artistic

Plush AUCTION-OPEN (CASH/POINTS) => YCH:Pony Custom Plush AUCTION-OPEN (CASH/POINTS) by PhoenixPlushies
If you want to order something for points, but that is not available in commissions widget, then please write me in the note, and I will expose that commission for you.

If you want to order something that is not present in these journal, then, please, ask me in the note.

Payment Info (for paypal): • All prices are in $USD

contact me with details about your commission  (style and №, your character) please use the NOTE

plush commission => Chao project/Comm(cash/points)/Plushies for saleHello everybody =)
When I posted this drawing , I wrote that I would probably sew all these chaos in future. So, I decided to start chao eevee's family  project =D. Here are the first prototypes:
Chao Umbreon   . I started to sew him long ago, before I got sewing and embroidery machine, then I abandoned him for some time and now he is finished.
As you can see, here are old patterns and old style of eyes. They are not embroidered, but printed on the fabric and then accurately hand sewn (it took about 3 hours for one eye)
This chao style (pattern and eyes) I will not create in future, this is the last one
Chao Silvion  . He was sewn recently, patterns are new, eyes are embroidered on the sewing and embroidery machine Brother. I like him, I think that I will do all my chao

Chao: (Sonic/anthro, Pony,Pokemon) :kitty: :

1. Com:Chao Blaze by Extra-Fenix  Commission set 8-25 chao by Extra-Fenix
Commission set 7-25 chao by Extra-Fenix Commission set 6-25 chao by Extra-Fenix $8/ 800 :points: (extra chao + $8/ 800 :points:)

2. Chao Rio? by Extra-Fenix Com: Chaos for sonikkulova by Extra-Fenix Comm: chao Genetta by Extra-Fenix $12/ 1200 :points: (extra chao + $12/ 1200 :points:)

chao eggs:

chao eggs by Extra-Fenix $6/600 :points:

original chao:
Chao Kuzya by Extra-Fenix Com: Chaos for Monty by Extra-Fenix Comm: chao for 0-ProjectZero-0 by Extra-Fenix $6/600 :points: (extra chao + $6/600 :points:)
St. Valentines day has passed, but I still take commissions for valentines for those who had not caught. =)


 Valentine Mimiero1 by Extra-Fenix Valentine for SukiR by Extra-Fenix $6 for couple (Paypal)/600 :points:
+ character 300 :points:

Valentine Blaze and Silver by Extra-Fenix Valentine Mirage And Hassara by Extra-Fenix $6 for couple (Paypal)/600 :points:
+ character 300 :points:

Valentine for TsukinoUsako by Extra-Fenix Valentine for Angel-Sonamy by Extra-Fenix  $3 (Paypal)/300 :points:

(I may write somebody’s name or any short phrase in the middle of the heart on your request, otherwise there will be "Happy V-day")
Bookmarks :kitty: :

Bookmarks Pokemon (Fakemon):

Bookmark: Mew by Extra-Fenix Bookmark: Pichu by Extra-Fenix Bookmark: Meowth by Extra-Fenix $15(Paypal)/ 1500 :points:

Bookmarks MLP (OC pony):

Bookmark:Pinkie Pie by Extra-Fenix Bookmark:Fluttershy by Extra-Fenix Bookmark:Lumen Lime by Extra-Fenix $15(Paypal)/ 1500 :points:

Bookmarks Sonic’s characters:

bookmark Mirage by Extra-Fenix bookmark Hassara by Extra-Fenix $15(Paypal)/ 1500 :points:
chibi :kitty: :

1. chibi :FionaDelakur by Extra-Fenix Com:chibi Genetta and Scay by Extra-Fenix Comm: Look, what i've won for you by Extra-Fenix $15 (extra chibi + $10)(Paypal)/ 1500 :points: (extra chibi + 1000:points:)

chibi Diaminerre by Extra-Fenix Denzi by Extra-Fenix $10(Paypal)/ 1000 :points:

3. Chibi cosplay:Lance-Vash the Stampede by Extra-Fenix Chibi cosplay:Static-Link by Extra-Fenix Chibi cosplay for Zerichi by Extra-Fenix Chibi cosplay:NightAngel-Miku by Extra-Fenix Chibi cosplay:ErinLiona-Yoko by Extra-Fenix (chibi cosplay) $ 20(Paypal)/ 2000 :points:


4 Chibi: Sho Minamimoto by Extra-Fenix Com:Chibi for Gitzyrulz by Extra-Fenix (anime chibi) $15)/ 1500 :points:
Comm: chibi for Ai-Rin by Extra-Fenix $10(Paypal)/ 1000 :points:
MLP :kitty: :

1.  Rarity by Extra-Fenix $20/ 2000 :points:

2. Com:Morbid Prince by Extra-Fenix Com:Vague by Extra-Fenix Com:Lumen Lime by Extra-Fenix $25/2500 :points:

chibi pony:kitty: :

1. Chibi Derpy by Extra-Fenix Com:Chibi pony Dove Flower by Extra-Fenix $15/ 1500 :points:
2. Com:Chibi pony Pitch by Extra-Fenix $20/ 2000 :points:
SA :
Com: Mirage SA by Extra-Fenix Comm:SA Binturong by Extra-Fenix Com:SA Shanna by Extra-Fenix (without background) $30(Paypal)/ 3000 :points::
My vector style :kitty: :

1. prize :Roscwick by Extra-Fenix Com:Dj-Reverberance by Extra-Fenix Com:Yue by Extra-Fenix$17
may be two characters together ($23)/ 1700 :points: may be two characters together (2300 )

2. Com:Kaya-Snapdragon by Extra-Fenix Com: Violet by Extra-Fenix $25 may be two characters together ($31)/2500 :points: may be two characters together (3100 )

commission for MontiRedDragon by Extra-Fenix Nathan by Extra-Fenix Com: Cobalt by Extra-Fenix Comm: Nicolette Wisla by Extra-Fenix $30 may be two characters together ($40)/3000 :points: may be two characters together (4000 )

Reference sheet :kitty: :

Ref:Lil Octopussy by Extra-Fenix  Comm:Reference sheet Cross  Stitch by Extra-Fenix

$40 +/ 4000 :points:  (the price depends on the complexity of the character and details)

animated couple chibi (Sonic/anthro,Pony,Pokemon)

Valen and Alex by Extra-Fenix Dewie and Applefritter by Extra-Fenix Mew and Mew2 by Extra-Fenix $13(Paypal)/ 1300 :points:

Chibi in box Gift box for SLYMaster58 by Extra-Fenix $10 (Paypal)/ 1000 :points:
Anthro :kitty: :

1. Anthro red panda by Extra-Fenix commission for *TB7024 by Extra-Fenix $27/ 2700 :points: (full body)/ $23/2300 :points: (half)/ $15/1500 :points: (bust).


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